Mamee Chef Instant Noodle - Lontong Flavour

Have you guys heard of the new Mamee Chef flavour? It is one of our local favourite dishes, called Lontong. The new Lontong flavour is awesome and its new improved technology gives out a more springy noodles than the previous 'already so-good' springy noodles. It fits right to be in the Putra Brand Awards - 'The People's Choice' in Foodstuff category.

Yes, I know. With the video of the man who can't burn the instant noodles went viral, alot of peoples has stopped eating instant noodle. But my two cents is, it is okay to eat instant noodles once a while. Just don't let the younger kids consume it!

Mamee Chef Instant Noodle - Lontong Flavour
@ RM6.19*/ 5pkts

*Current retail price at Tesco.

New Flavour In Town! ~ LONTONG
Rating: 3.8/5
The taste is almost like curry laksa, with the same creamy texture but not as spicy as curry laksa. I am rating it a 3.8 out of 5 because I still think that Mamee Chef Tom Yam Flavour is better!

However, my hubby prefers this one better than the Tom Yam flavour. I think that is just simply because he lurvee to eat lontong... LOL.

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