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Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that Yummy~licious is now on Yummly. You can now bookmark/ save my recipes with just one click. Simply Yum by clicking on the Yum button located at the below of my post.

If you have not heard about Yummly, Yummly is a website and smartphone app that provides recommendation recipes customized to individual's tastes. It has the most powerful recipe search and digital recipe box. The Yummly app is available in iPhone, iPad and Android. That's mean we all can have the Yummly app on our smartphone.

When you Yum a recipe, it will goes into your Recipe Box. Yummly will then fetch the data from the website which you've Yummed and transfer it into the Yummly recipe template in your Recipe Box, together with the food photo, nutrition facts and tastes all figured out. Isn't it great? With just a Yum, it is all calculated for you.

Below I am showing an example of my recent Yum. This is my Chocolate Butter Marble Cake with Chocolate Chips recipe.

Screenshot #1
Here you have the ingredients and calories count and the ingredients list.

Screenshot #2
And here you have the nutrition facts and tastes table.

Once you are on Yummly, you will not be able to stop Yum'ming cuz there are tonnes of great recipes on Yummly. Here, take a look at Yummylicious + Babylicious publisher page for all my recipes or my Recipe Box for the recipes that I've Yummed. Let's join Yummy~licious Yum'ming recipes away!

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