Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo) @ Kafe Vietnam, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Last month, just a week before I gave birth, I managed to feast on one of my favourite food - Vietnamese Pho Bo. I've been craving for an authentic bowl of Pho Bo for a long time and it was great that we have stumbled upon this restaurant. This restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes like Pho Bo, rice wrapper and the famous Vietnamese Dripped Coffee. When we were there, we saw a couple with a daughter running the business. If we have not mistaken, the Wifey is a Vietnamese, while the Hubby is a local; or both of them are Vietnamese.

Pho Bo Dac Biet @ RM16.90
Rating: 4/5
Supreme Beef Clear Soup Koay Teow

Bo Kho @ RM14.90
Rating: 3/5

Goi Cuon Tom @ RM7.90
Rating: 4/5

Kafe Vietnam

Kafe Vietnam - Menu
As you can see, there are also Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Bread) in the menu. You can come here for breakfast too!

Kafe Vietnam - Menu

Kafe Vietnam - Menu
Did you see that? COFFEE!!! Haha... I am so gonna try their dripped coffee next time! I bet it will taste awesome too!

The foods were really authentic, at least for a noob Viet foodie like me! I will definitely come here again to try on other dishes. Want to join me?

1, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
TEL: 03-8052 7472/ 012-301 5928

9.30AM - 9.30PM

S.C : YES (10%)

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Our Beautiful Prince Miguel J. Soo

Hello everyone! You must be wondering why I have been so quiet for the past weeks. Don't worry, I am fine. In fact, I am more than fine. I have just delivered a beautiful baby boy on 21st July. Now I am resting at home and like every chinese woman who just gave birth, am going through my confinement period. There are alot of rules and restrictions to follow during this one-month confinement ~ all for the purpose of restoring back my health and nourishing my body. I've been really busy with my new baby and at the same time giving my attention to my 29 months old daughter. But that doesn't stop me from blogging. :D

...our beautiful prince Miguel Jean Soo, Soo Xung Zheng... on 21st July 2015, weighted at 2.3kg and 44cm in length...
Please allow me to introduce our beautiful prince to you guys ~ Miguel Jean Soo, Soo Xung Zheng. Well, he is one anxious baby whom can't wait to come out and play with his big sister Julie. Born at 37 weeks, on 21st July 2015 at 5.19pm, he weighted at 2.3kg and 44cm in length.


I had to say this time, the labour was much more painful and tiring than the time when I delivered his big sister Julie. The labour started on 20th July, in the wee hours around 2 something. I noticed that I had bloody discharge when I went to the loo. Having going through what I've gone through in my first pregnancy, I trembled when I see any blood coming out. Immediately I called up my gynae, Dr. Leong WY. Yes, it was 2 something in the morning but he still picks up calls. (He is an attentive gynae. That's why I've been seeing him for all my pregnancies). I told him about the bloody show and he asked me to let him know if it appears again in larger amount. Contractions followed after that. Not wanting to raise any false alarm, I calmed myself down and waited patiently - timing my contractions and observing the discharge. After having two more bloody discharge and my contraction was 5 mins apart, I told my hubby that I might be in real labour. The next thing I did was taking shower while my hubby called my gynae again. Dr. Leong WY asked us to go to the labour ward. And so, we went. It was 6 something morning then.

Upon reaching Tropicana Medical Centre, we went straight to A&E counter. After explaining my situation, I was then wheeled to the labour ward and there I was being monitored using CTG scan whereby two devices were strapped onto my belly. One to monitor my baby's heart rate and the other is to record my contractions. The contractions were consistent and getting more intense with each contractions. Not long after that, my gynae, Dr. Leong, came into the room to check on me. He said I had bloody show but I've not dilated yet. So we shall monitor for 24 hours first. I was like, "Huh! Not dilated yet! But on second thought, it is good also because my baby is only 37 weeks. Let him stay and grow in my tummy for a week more or so first."

Around 15 mins after Dr. Leong left, a nurse came in to check on the CTG graph. She said, smiling "Wow, you have quite a numbers of contractions in such a short time. Maybe you will deliver today". She paused for a moment, looking at me. I think I must have given her a 'shocking' look, she then continues, "Don't worry! We shall continue monitoring you and your baby. Now you just rest on the bed." I exchanged looks with my hubby, whom was with me all the time in the room. We were both in dilemma - unsure of how to feel. Of course we are excited to see our baby boy but at the same time we thought it would be better if he stay in my tummy for a week more or so.

Time passes by, soon it was noon. And the contractions has started to calm down. It wasn't as intense and as frequent, not like in the morning. However, there were still bloody show, bit by bit. The contractions stayed the same for the whole day. It was really stressful as I was lying on the bed the whole time and only come down for the loo. Blessedly, I can watch astro 'Wah Lai Toi' on TV.

At around 7 something evening, Dr. Leong came in to check on me. The nurse updated him about my condition for the day and then Dr. Leong check if I've dilated anot. Again, I still have not dilated. We discussed with Dr. Leong on the next step if by morning I still show no sign of active labour. We then decided to go for induced labour if there is no changes on my current condition. Dr. Leong is very understanding and he knows my condition/ past experiences very well. He respected our decision. It was a really hard decision to made and we have all the fears and worries to support our decision. All we wanted is a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Though we have made the decision, we still hoped that I will dilate on my own. And true enough, I have dilated 4cm by the next early morning, followed by more intense contractions. It was really tiring and stressful to wait for the dilation and baby's crowning, not to mention painful as well. I am not sure by what time, maybe 12 noon, Dr. Leong came in to check on me and said I've dilated 5cm. He advised to give me on IV drip to fasten the process. And we agreed to it. The rest of the details were quite blurry as I was really in a lot of pain. Like my previous delivery, I did not take epidural.

The pain gets intensified during the last 2 hours. It was so painful that I cried. (Yes, I cried, like a child.) The nurse whom was in charge of me was very friendly and professional. She told me not to cry because it will used up my energy. She asked me to inhale the gas instead which I did. I've inhaled a lot of the gas but it doesn't help much. At last I had to dump the mask aside because I couldn't concentrate. If I could rate the pain from 1 to 10, the pain was 1,000,000. And the feeling is like you need to poo so badly. Not only that it was painful, I had to endure the pain for 2 hours.

During Julie's, the pain only intensified to 1,000,000 when the water broke, and 20 minutes later I gave birth to Julie. I only needed to push 5 times and Julie was out. But for Miguel, I had to push so hard, and I think I gave a good, hard, long 10 pushes to get Miguel out. It was such a great relief to see my beautiful baby boy when Dr. Leong placed him on my chest. I think it is a common practice for the gynae to immediately put the baby after he/she was out on the mother for bonding. While I bonded with my baby, Dr. Leong cleared up the rest ~ take out the placenta and etc. Words cannot describe how happy I was when I saw my baby boy. The joy after much pain and it's all worth it.

A short note for our baby Miguel...
Dear Miguel,
If you are reading this, it means that you are a big boy now. Mummy hope that you are living well and do remember to be happy and grateful all the time. Always know that Mummy & Daddy loves you very much. You can come to us for anything, ok!

And please be good to your sister Julie. Do not fight with each others, instead love, care and tolerate with each others! We love both of you to the moon and back!

Love always,
Mummy & Daddy

Before I end this post, I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for a smooth delivery and a healthy beautiful baby boy.
"Thank you, Heavenly Father for blessing us with a beautiful baby boy!"

A heartfelt thanks to Dr.Leong WY for taking care of me and my baby with cares from the beginning of my pregnancy till I gave birth. And a special thanks to thank all the nurses at Labour Ward of TMC for making sure that I had the most comfortable stay and attending so attentively to my needs, especially to the nurse whom was with me during my last hours before delivery. She saw my pain and she was trying her best to lessen my pain.
"Thank you, Dr. Leong and ALL the Nurses whom was on duty during my stay! You guys are AWESOME"

Note : The above story is based on my real labour experiences. This article is only for sharing and is protected by COPYSCAPE. Thank you.

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