The Famous Seremban Beef Noodle @ Pasar Besar Seremban

I've long heard about the famous seremban beef noodle and have been wanting to try it for so long. Finally on the recent Sunday, I was able to sink my teeth in those softly "melt in your mouth" beef slices and tripes. Thanks to our besties for this opportunity!

We were at Seremban over the recent weekend to attend our besties' wedding dinner. It was also another long awaited desire in my list ~ that is to attend their wedding. The groom is our (me & my hubby) best buddy, so close that we were like a family. They (the groom & the bride) started dating 14 years ago. Time has brought us together and soon the girlfriend (now wife) became our besties too. When they finally broke the news to us, we were overjoyed!

Being able to see them exchanging wedding vows in the church is such a touching moment. I can truly felt their happiness and happy tears were flowing quietly.

Here, I would like to wish them many many many loving years together and may they continue to build their love on the foundation that God has built for them!

Love you guys heaps!! xoxo

Okay, now back to the Famous Seremban Beef Noodle. So, this stall is located in a food court of Seremban wet market. Seremban wet market is just like any other ordinary wet market where you can get all sorts of local raw ingredients such as poultries and vegetables. The building itself is quite humongous, I would say. There were 3 storeys and the food court is located at the top floor.

Food Court, Pasar Besar Seremban
A partial view of the food court.

Fresh Sugar Cane @ RM1.50/ glass
Rating: 4/5
Sugar cane were freshly prepared upon ordering. No artificial flavour with just the right amount of natural sweetness! A good choice to quench your thirst especially after walking up the 3 storeys building!

Fresh Sugar Cane @ Stall no. 743

Beef Noodle Soup @ approx. RM7.00*
Rating: 4/5
When it is served to us, the beefy aroma is really inviting. The first sip of the soup was really satisfying, and the first bite of the beef slices and tripes were really palatable!

I love it that there were slices of salted mustard vege/ ham choy in it. Didn't know that it goes so well with the soup. Good inspiration for my home-cooked beef noodle next time!

The only thing that I don't really like is the type of noodle they used. Unlike in Klang Valley whereby you can choose your own choice of noodles, here, there is only one choice of noodle - thick vermicelli called 'lai fun'. The noodle is quite bland because it does not absorb the flavour from the soup. I would prefer to have it with yellow noodle.

*I am not sure how much per bowl because we've ordered varieties and we paid in lumpsum. It was around RM7/bowl.

Beef Noodle Dry @ approx. RM7.00*
Rating: 4/5
The thick vermicelli/ lai fun goes better with the dry version because it was drenched in the thick savoury gravy. The gravy has a stronger beefy aroma and it was very appetizing. It comes with a bowl of soup, so don't worry about not able to try the soup if you ordered a dry ones.

I would recommend that you guys try the dry version. You can only have this type here, in Seremban.
The Seremban Famous Beef Noodle @ Stall no. 748
There are few other beef noodle stalls in this food court. So, remember the stall no. ya!

Stall No. 748,
Pasar Besar Seremban,
Off Jalan Dr Tun Ismail,
Seremban, Negri Sembilan.

7.30am to 3.00pm

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