Fu Chuk Guen 腐皮卷 (Beancurd Roll)

May it be for breakfast or supper, my hubby and I love eating dim sum. We used to go dim sum with our good buddiess at Jalan Ipoh, KL almost every weekend night. We would chit chat until late at night and still be getting freshly steamed dim sum. It was our favorite hangout place.

But ever since giving birth to our little Prince Miguel, we hardly go out at night. Nowadays, we would preferred to bring the foods to us at the comfort of our own home, where the family can enjoy homecooked foods.

I've been wanting to made dim sum (any kind) for quite some time but just didn't get the chance. Since my hubby has just bought a nice two layers bamboo steamer, I thought, "Yeah, now is the time!" The ingredients are very straightforward, you can easily get them at last minute. If you can't get water chestnut in market, try those peeled ones at fruit stalls.

These beancurd rolls or more known as "Fu Chuk Guen" is one of my hubby's favourite. But not all dim sum restaurants have this dish in their menu. My hubby is very happy now that his Wifey can made this at home. He rated this at 8 out of 10. He said it needed more layers. So in the recipe below, I've adjusted the length of the beancurd skin.

A Simple Dim Sum Dinner At Home

Together with some Siu Mai and porridge, you can have a simple dim sum dinner at home. Best of all, it's homecooked foods made with love!

(Recipe adapted from 3 Hungry Tummies)
Prep Time  : 45 mins
Cook Time : 25 mins
Total Time : 1 hour 10 mins (excl. 3 hours marinating time)
Makes       : 13 rolls

13 pieces of 8 x 10" beancurd skin
500g minced pork
250g prawns, deshelled, chopped
8 water chestnuts, chopped
2 spring onions (white parts only) minced
2 cm ginger, grated

3 Tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp white pepper
2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp shaoxing wine
1 egg white, lightly beaten
3 Tbsp corn flour

1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
1 cup chicken stock
1/32 tsp white pepper
1 Tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp shaoxing wine

Thickening (Combined)
I Tbsp corn flour
1 Tbsp water

Spring onions for garnishing

1. In a large mixing bowl, combined all ingredients and seasoning. Mix well and marinate for at least 3 hours.

2. Shape the beancurd roll:

[Photo Inset: Left] Wipe beancurd skin gently with a damp cloth to soften it.
[Photo Inset: Right] Place the filling approx. 1/4 from the top of the wrapper, size of filling approx. 3.5" x 1" Ø.

[Photo Inset: Left] Fold the top towards the center, covering the filling.
[Photo Inset: Right] Follow by the sides. Tuck the filling neatly and tightly as you roll the beancurd roll upwards.

Seal with a little egg yolk at the edge to secure it.
Repeat until all the filling has been used. You should be able to make approx. 13 rolls.

3. In a pan or wok, shallow fry the beancurd rolls until golden brown on both sides. You do not need to cook them thoroughly at this stage. Drain on paper towel and arrange neatly on steaming plate/s.

4. Made the sauce: In a pan or wok, saute ginger and garlic until fragrant. Add in chicken stock, white pepper and oyster sauce, bring to a boil. Add in shaoxing wine and thicken with corn flour mixture. Strain the sauce onto the beancurd rolls. Discard the minced ginger and garlic.

5. Steam for 10 mins or until cooked. Garnish with spring onions and serve immediately.

● To get instant chicken stock, add 1 tsp chicken granules to a cup of lukewarm water.

Make this recipe? Don't forget to snap a photo of it and tag #msyummyliciousrecipe on social media! I would love to see them! Enjoy my recipe!

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