Nando's Delivery - Peri Medic

I love Nando's! I really do! When i found out that Nando's is doing delivery, or more well known as Peri Medic, i was estactic! Being able to dine within my comfy zone with my favourite food is such a haven! Whenever the craving comes, i never hesitate to order one. Like instance for this week, it's my second time i'm having Nando's chicken for dinner. Even my hubby got sick with it but what can he do? :D

1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines: Old Style Chips
& Coleslaw @ RM15.90

I like mine in Hot Peri Peri, then dip in their extra hot peri peri sauce for extra spiciness. yummm...

1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines: Peri-peri Chips
& Grilled Vegetables @ RM15.90

My hubby always had his in Extra Hot Peri Peri and grilled vege is a must.

Btw, do check out their website coz it's super~licious cute!

1 300 88 6555

Delivery charge: RM2.00

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