King of Fruits, Mr. Durian!

For two weekends consecutive, we had durians for supper. Yes, just durians! It was my hubby's idea. Apparently he was having durians fewer and got me infected. We bought our durians from the stall at the roadside nearby our home. Nowadays, they (the sellers) were so clever to open their stalls at the roadside in residential area. It was so convenient for us to buy the durians when we are on our way home.

Durians are also known as King of Fruits. It is a tropical fruit that has formidable thorn covered husk, unique odour and custard like flesh. Even with the husk still intact, you can smell the durian from afar. It is a fruit that you will either love it or hate it! Me and my hubby falls in the "Love it" category!

Durians have even been in the Bizarre Food show on AFC. The daring host, Andrew Zimmern can swallow any bizarre food down his throat but not this peculiar fruit that is known as King of Fruits. I guessed he's one of the thousand peoples that falls in the "Hate it" category.

How about you? Love it or Hate it?

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