Music Monday #9: Party Rock Anthem

When you've repeatedly listen to a song for every weekend in 2 months consecutive, you will begin to like it. Believe me, that is what happened to me on this particular dance song. It started few months back. Funnily, I don't know how, but me & my friends begun to make the pubs one of our frequent hang-out places.

No matter which pub we went to, this particular song was always on the air. I don't normally listen to hip hop, but when you're at the pub, these are the songs that you will find. When I first listen to this particular song, it seems just like another ordinary hip hop dance song. But after a few hear, i've begun to like it, and later on, love it. Its beat has really got the power to make your body move. And it has a happy tone to it. Maybe it was because when we were in the pub, we would drink, laugh and dance our nights away. It was crazily fun especially when you have such crazy friends like mine! :D And maybe that it why i love this song, because it reminded me of the crazily fun moments i had with my friends whom i dearly love. :)

Song lyrics | Party Rock Anthem lyrics

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