We Were At Bandung!

Hello peeps! We are back!! Miss us? :) I miss you guys heaps! Thank you so much for playing in Guess Where Are We? It's happy to be back and be greeted by you guys. I am so sorry for my late post, it has been a busy weekend here plus i was feeling a little lazy after the trip. But no worries, now that i have settled down, i am back to my blogging mojo again.

Alrite, as my post title has spoken for itself, we were at Bandung, Indonesia recently. I know that most of you had guessed Indonesia but i wanted an exact location which is Bandung. I apologies for not mentioning that in my post previously. So, as heartbroken as you are, I am sorry to say that for those who has guessed Indonesia, namely; mymy, Caroline, juli202, Gina Ng, Lee Teng, Maxi and Bluedreamer, your answer is incorrect. Let me make it up to you guys by a month of love linkies at my sidebar. Don't get mad at me, k!
And now, to my THREE winners who had guessed Bandung: Marzie, LJ and Shemah, Congratulations!!
You girls will each be receiving a souvenir that we've specially bought from Bandung! I won't be revealing what is it, let this be a surprise, k! I hope you girls will like it.
Please email me your mailing address. Thanks for playing along. I love you girls!! *group hugs*

I will start posting about our Bandung trip in my next post coz I am still compiling the photos. So, be sure to come back later, ya! In the meantime, a Happy Wonderful~licous Tuesday evening to all of you!

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