Mamak Village @ Summit USJ, Subang Jaya

Last time, my hubby & i used to dine at Mamak Village during tea time. Our favourites are their roti canai and murtabak. But during our recent visit after so many years of not going there, we decided to go for their nasi briyani. Lucky for us, it was yummy! :)

Nasi Briyani Ayam @ RM7.50
Rating: 3.5/5
Briyani rice with curry chicken. Briyani rice is usually made of spices and basmati rice. In Malaysia, it is especially served during Malay wedding receptions. Even tho' this one at Mamak Village is not using basmati rice, it still has the fragrant from the spices. Yummy!

Murtabak Daging @ RM5.00
Rating: 4/5
A stuffed mutton pancake. Crispy thin layer of fried dough with soft minced yummy mutton, comes with pink syrup onion pickle.

A.B.C @ RM3.50
Rating: 3/5
Ais Batu Campur or Mixed Ice Shaved, is a Malaysian dessert. Served mainly in mamak stalls, it is a mixed ice shaved with sweet corns, jelly strips, peanuts, red beans, palm seed and dressed with rose syrup and palm sugar syrup, and finally topped with evaporated milk. A refreshing treat during the hot days!

Mamak Village Summit USJ
Also famous for its assam laksa and curry laksa.

LG.56 The Summit USJ,
Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1,
Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47600

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