Amaree Hot Pot @ Subang Avenue

Yesterday, the 3rd of Aug, was our 1st Marriage Anniversary. We went to Amaree Hot Pot at Subang Avenue for dinner. It was easy for us to choose the venue for this special day because 2 weeks ago we’ve bought RM60 cash voucher at 50% off from Groupon Malaysia. It’s really a good deal! And we are very happy to came across this offer. On top of that, tomyam is one of our favourite dish. So yeah, we've decided back then to use it on our special day.

Amaree serves authentic Thai cuisine and Thai steamboat in a contemporary setting. If you opted to have Thai Steamboat, there are few combos you can choose from. Each combo is perfect for 2 pax. But if you're a big eater like us, there are also additional sides you can order.

Meat Combo @ RM43.80
Rating: 4/5
Australian Ribeye, Australian Tenderloin, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Ball, Glass Noodles, Pumpkin, Oyster Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Mini Corn, Carrot and few varieties of Vegetables.

Seafood Ball @ RM7.80
Rating: 4/5
Freshly made from Amaree kitchen.

Fresh Squid @ RM6.80
Rating: 4/5
Thinly sliced squid.

Yin Yang (Clear & Tom Yam Soup) @ RM10.00
Rating: 5/5
This is something we must shout about. The Tom Yam soup was superb! We love it. It's really spicy and sour at the same time, with the fragrant smells from lemongrass and galangkal. Truly an authentic Thai Tom Yam!
[click here for my recipe]

Chilli Sauce
Rating: 4/5
Appetizing chilli sauce dipping with a hint of lime juice!

Red Ruby (Tub Tim Krob) @ RM6.80
Rating: 3/5
Pinkish balls of flour coated waterchestnut with fragrant jackfruit in coconut milk. I've cooked this dessert many times before. My hubby preferred mine over Amaree's.
[click here for my recipe]

Amaree Infusion @ RM3.50 (Bottomless)
Rating: 4/5 (by my hubby)
Zesty, soft and refreshing blend of lemongrass tea.
My hubby love this tea but for i find it to be too strong with the lemongrass taste.

Cold Cappucino @ RM6.80
Rating: 3/5

For us, we've ordered a combo plus 2 sides, and a dessert to ends with. It was a satisfying dinner. We've also enjoyed both companionship under such a quiet and comfortable ambiance.

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Amaree Edition Sdn Bhd
SG-05 Subang Avenue Shopping Complex
Persiaran Kemajuan, 47500 Subang Jaya
TEL: 03 - 5611 2828

11am - 11pm

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