Guess Where Are We?

Hello my fabou~licious friends and visitors! This is a scheduled post. By the time this post is published, me and my hubby is already on our flight to somewhere beautiful. We will be at this place until this Thurs, the 18th. So, as to not gets too quiet in here, I am organizing a fun contest: Guess Where Are We? When i say contest, of coz there will be some prizes.

The prizes will be souvenirs from this beautiful~licious place we are going. Sounds enticing enough for you guys?

Okay, the rules are simple, the first THREE persons that comes to me with the correct answer will each get a souvenir from me. Each person is only allowed to guess 2 times.

And the clue is: This place that we are going is famous for its local foods such as soto and lotek salad. I can't reveal much but these two keywords are enough for Mr. Google to reveal my whereabouts.

Happy Guessing and Have a Great Week ahead!

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