Pizza Hut New Delivery Service - PHD

PHD simply stands for Pizza Hut Delivery. It is Pizza Hut new delivery line that cater specially for delivery services only. If you're expecting PHD to be the same as Pizza Hut, you'll be disappointed! PHD and Pizza Hut is slightly different, from their menu wise and taste wise.

Like for instance, in Pizza Hut, we have Hawaiian Chicken. But in PHD, it is called Waikiki Chicken. And their set deals are different too. Please refer to their website for new menu.

PHD @ 1 300 82 2020

Spicy Chicken @ RM23.50/ Regular Pizza
Rating: 2/5
The taste are rather bland and the dough tasted different from Pizza Hut's. It is too soft and does not have a crunch to it.

Tropical Chicken @ RM23.50/ Regular Pizza
Rating: 2/5
Same here. Tasted bland and dough not nice.

Looks like PHD still needs to improve alot in their recipe. Why can't they just follow Pizza Hut's? Or was it just this particular PHD store that is making such lousy pizzas?

1 300 82 2020

Delivery charge: FREE
Minimum Order: RM10.00

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