Snowskin Mooncakes (Steaming Method)

Snowskin mooncake is a non-baked mooncake eaten chilled during Mid-Autumn Festival. It has a skin texture similar to mochi and the filling can be of the common ones like lotus paste or red bean paste to the exotic ones like durian paste.

My hubby love the traditional snowskin mooncake with the lotus paste or daoyung filling. Many years ago, I've been making the showskin mooncakes with kao fen/cooked glutinous rice flour and shortening. The recipe was great, it was easy to make and the taste was great too! But after a few rounds, i soon realized that the skin will start to dry up after the 3rd day.

So 2 years back, I tried a new recipe with steaming method. It was perfect because the skin was still soft on the 3rd day, and throughout the week. I hasn't got a chance to test the skin for longer than a week because it'll be all gone in our tummies before that! So, if you are making these mooncakes and they lasted more than a week, please let me know how's the texture ya!

Usually the mini mooncake weight at 50g each but mines are 55g each because I like the mooncakes to be taller. If you are using the same mold as mine, you can adjust the total weight in between 50g - 60g. I am using 25g filling with 30g dough. This distribution is just right for my hubby. But if you like to have more skin, then you can adjust accordingly.

Hope you'll enjoy my recipe!


This is the mooncake mold I am using. Just secure the design plate by twisting the handle. Usually each mold comes with 4 design plates and this cost me around RM10++ at a bakery supplies shop.

Prep Time  : 60 mins
Cook Time : 15 mins
Total Time : 1 hour 15 mins (+3 hours resting)
Makes       : +/- 400g snowskin dough (approx. 13pcs mini mooncakes)

70g glutinous rice flour
45g rice flour
25g wheat starch
60g castor sugar
220ml water
38g condensed milk
1 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp banana essence or essence of your choice

325g filling of your choice

3 Tbsp glutinous rice flour
1 pandan leave, cut into 3 - 4 sections

1. For Coating : In a pan under low heat, stir-fry glutinous rice flour with pandan leave for approx. 5 mins. As you cook, the pandan leave will emit a nice aroma and this will enhance the smell of the cooked glutinous rice flour. The glutinous rice flour is done when you see that the pandan leave has dried up and turned slightly brown. There shouldn't be any raw flour smell. Dish up and set aside to cool completely.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine glutinous rice flour, rice flour and wheat starch. Mix well and set aside until needed.

3. In another medium bowl, combine water, castor sugar and condensed milk. Mix until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in vegetable oil and essence of your choice.

4. Pour the liquid batter into the flour mixture and stir well until they are well combined. It should be a liquid batter with no lumps. If there are lumps, press it against the side of the bowl with your spatula to break it. (A few tiny lumps are acceptable)

5. Strain the batter into a shallow dish and steam for 15 - 20 mins until the dough is cooked. The dough is cooked when you can cut through the dough with a spatula and it comes out clean. Remove from steaming rack and let it cool for 5 minutes.

6. While the dough is still hot (not piping hot) and in the steaming dish, knead the dough with a spatula in folding motion until it becomes smooth and let the dough cool down completely. The dough may seems very oily at first but don't worry it wont be oily after kneading and cooled down.

7. Wrap the dough with cling wrap and put in refrigerator for 2 - 4 hours.

8. Weight your filling by 25g each and your dough by 30g each. Shape them into balls and cover both ingredients with cling wrap to avoid drying up while you are working on them one by one.

9. Take a ball of dough and flatten it on your palm to form a circle (approx. 7 - 8 cm in diameter). The center should be thinner than the sides. Form a C-shape with your left hand and rest the flattened dough on the C-shape. Then place a ball of filling in the center of the dough, the ball of filling will gently slide into your C-shape hand with your thumb and index finger holding it. Then using your right hand gently push and pull the sides of the dough upward so that all edges will meet together. Seal all the edges together and gently shape into an oval ball. (Oval shape will be easier to fit into the mold later)

10. Coat the oval ball and the inside of the mooncake mold with cooked glutinous rice flour. Place the oval ball on your working mat with the thinner side facing the top. Gently lower the mold onto the oval ball and press the mooncake mechanism. Lift the mooncake mold up and press the mooncake mechanism to release the mooncake. Repeat with the rest of your dough. Keep the mooncakes in an airtight container and chill before consuming.

● You may use kao fen/ cooked glutinous rice flour for coating.

● You may replace the water for any fruit juice, liquid flavor or color as you like.

● The dough will be very sticky. So it is best to work with disposable gloves when molding the mooncakes.

● These mooncakes are best to be eaten after chilled for a day. It can be kept in the refrigerator for upto a week.

Make this recipe? Don't forget to snap a photo of it and tag #msyummyliciousrecipe on social media! I would love to see them! Enjoy my recipe!

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