Being A Parent

It's day 15th now since our Princess Julie came to our life. I've never thought that i would be feeling what i felt now. Maybe this is what they call ~ postpartum depression. I've been really stressed out taking care of my newborn baby. At times, i would feel depressed for nothing and cry all of the sudden.

Julie is having nose blocked, thrush and wind in the stomach. All these has causes her discomfort and pain. We brought her to her paediatrician, Dr. Pria whom has given her a gel for her thrush and a solution for her nose blocked. Even tho' her thrush has been healed, but her nose blocked is still a problem. Sometimes, my baby would breath so hard as if she is taking all her might just to grasp some air. Seeing her in this condition makes my heart cried. Poor my baby!

And now, Julie has wind/gas in her stomach. I read in the internet that these wind/gas would cause her pain. That's why she's been crying for nothing. It's not nothing, it's because she's in pain. My auntie (Kam Mo) suggested that i give her 'Bo Ying Compound' from Eu Yan Sang. It's very good for babies ~ known for its ancient formula for restlessness at night, poor appetite, cold, cough, Phlegm, vomiting of milk, excessive air in the stomach and diarrhoea. We tried on her yesterday night and it seems to worked, Julie was sleeping better.

'Bo Ying Compound' @ RM38/ box of 6 tubes. Each tube weighs 330mg. For newborn, 110mg compound whenever nessesary.

We, as her parents, will give her our best. Hopefully she will be able to get well soon. Just be patience ya, our dear baby!

UPDATE (13 NOV 2015) : Bo Ying Compound only seems to worked on the first use. After that, it doesn't make any differences when we give it her so we stopped using it, with only half the bottle used. Instead we use Dentinox Infant Colic Drops.

And look what Blogthings says about me. Apparently, I am only 60% ready to be a parent. I guessed Blogthings is right. But I am trying my level best to be the best mom to my sweet princess.

You Are 60% Ready to Be a Parent
You are mostly ready to be a parent, though you could be better prepared.
If you had a kid tomorrow, things might be difficult at first - but you could pull through.

You don't have to be an ideal parent, but if your life was in better order, it would help.
Make yourself a plan of how you'll raise and pay for a kid. You'll feel better if you have all your ducks in a row.

If you're already a parent, you're probably doing a good job.
Even if things aren't perfect, you're making the best of it.

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