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My hubby said I am a perfectionist. I am not too sure about that. But one thing I am sure is that I am very fussy in doing the right way, or should i say my way? Just talk about Julie's fullmoon giftpack, in order to get the fullmoon giftpack that I wanted, I've inquired from quite a number of suppliers. From the content to the packaging, I need everything to be just the way I wanted. But at the end, I decided to make my own fullmoon giftpack due to none of them can pack as the way i wanted.

...but i wanted to see for myself and decide which box and ribbon color is the most suitable...
I've prepared most of the packaging stuffs myself during my confinement. That includes cutting the ribbons into desired length, cutting the 'Especially For You' gift card and 'With Love' label. And I even went out sourcing for the box and ribbon during my confinement period. I know I can always ask my hubby to source for the box and ribbon without me, but I wanted to see for myself and decide which box and ribbon color is the most suitable. My elderly will surely scold me if they knew I went out. Hopefully they are not reading this - *crossing my fingers*.

So with everything prepared, it should be very fast on the actual day of packing, or so i thought. Early morning on that day, my hubby went out to collect the nasi kunyit and red angku kuih. My confinement lady helped to make the red eggs. When my hubby was back with the food stuffs, we start packing. My mom helped to packed the red angku kuih and pickled ginger into individual plastic bag, while my hubby packed the curry chicken and I, packed, wrapped the nasi kunyit and do the finishing touch on the packinging.

All ready to be packed!
Nasi Kunyit/ Steamed Glutinous Rice With Turmeric, Curry Chicken, Red Angku Kuih, Red Eggs and Pickled Ginger

The Inside
Nasi Kunyit : Wrapped with a plastic before wrapping with baking sheet and sealed with a 'With Love' label.
Curry Chicken : Tied with a rubber band then sealed with gold tape.
Red Angku Kuih : In individual plastic bag.
Red Eggs : As it is.
Pickled Ginger : In individual plastic bag.

Julie's Fullmoon Giftpack
Packaging : White Box tied with a Cranberry Satin Ribbon and accompany with Julie's Birth Announcement Card and lots of love.

We only managed to finish the packing around 2pm. Mom & hubby blamed it on my way of packing. They did asked during midway packing, "Why don't we just put everything inside the box without properly individual packed?" I said, "No, I wanted it to look nice so that the recipient will know that we have packed with love. This is a special gift from us!"

I really hope that my relatives whom has received Julie's fullmoon giftpack will love this little gift from us!

P/S : Read about Julie's fullmoon party here.

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