Bandung Trip 2011, Part IV: A Pretty~licious Souvenir From Trinity

The next thing that i wanna share with you guys on my Bandung trip is a colorful pretty~licious edible souvenir from my old bestie, Trinity. It is actually a set of 10 colorfully painted steamed buns in different types of fruity shapes.

According to Trin,Andy Yang Pastry in which this souveneir was bought, is a very famous pastry shop in Bandung. Thanks to her, i managed to taste something from this shop. My first thought when i saw these pretty~licious was, "Oh my!! These are so cute and pretty! Can these really be eaten?" Well, of coz, when i ate these buns, i've peeled off the outer skin first. After all, too much of coloring will do you no good to your health, rite! :)

'Bakpao Buah-Buahan' / Fruity Steamed Bun
Filling: Green Bean Paste, Pandan Flavor Paste & Red Bean Paste

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Jl. Dalem Kaum 74
Bandung 40251
Tel: (022) 4230 819, (022) 4239 877


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