Bandung Trip 2011, Part II: Mie Naripan 108

I've always wanted to try bakso whenever i see them at the malay stall here, back at my own homeland, but was always stopped by the thought that it would not taste nice. I never really know how it looks like until I have tried it at Mie Naripan 108, Bandung.

All along, i thought bakso is something like mee jawa with the thick rojak-like gravy. How shallow is my knowledge! I was wrong! Bakso is a simple beef noodle with meatballs. What really makes a bakso yummy are its springy noodle and spongy fresh meatballs. Mie Naripan 108 has both of these!

Mie Kuah Baso Goreng
Rating: 4/5
Springy noodles with piping hot beef soup, minced meat and yummy~licious fried stuffed taufu.

Yamien Manis Baso Goreng
Rating: 3/5
Springy noodles in sweet sauce and minced meat. My hubby love this one with lots of 'sambal' but I don't like sweet noodles.

Beef Balls
Rating: 4/5
Comes together with our noodles, these huge fresh beef balls are simply yummy~licious.

Baso Goreng
Rating: 4/5
Fried Stuffed Tauhu. I am not sure what was added in the stuffing, but i reckon it was fish paste mixed. It was spongy in the inside with a slightly crisp on the outside, yummy! Good to go as snacks during tea-time.

Es Jeruk
Rating: 4/5
Oh, i really love their 'orange' juice! Mind you, they don't have oranges like here, in Malaysia. Their oranges are tangerines. I've always love tangerines, especially when we can only get it during festive season only, so this is absolutely my favourite drink in Bandung!

The Menu

The inside of shop: clean & tidy.

The calendars collection - It was 16th August
And he had to peel off about 10 calendar pages everyday. Notice the hand drawn nostalgia signboard on top of those calendars? One can only be reminded of the past when they sees this 'good-kept' signboard.

So, if next time you are in Bandung, and you're a beef eater, you MUST try this bakso. It has been around since 1965 so all locals should know this place. It's simply yummy~licious!!

Jl Naripan 108,

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