Bandung Trip 2011, Part III: Getting Romantic~licious At The Valley

I was really excited to go to this restaurant because my hubby has been talking about it ever since he's been there during his recent business trip. He has been longing to bring me there, so when we were finally there together, he was ecstatic.

It is called 'The Valley' or locally pronounced as 'Wal-lei', i guessed it is simply because it is situated on a valley. According to my hubby, it is an ideal romantic place for lovey dovey couples like us to dine in. :) Being there myself, i totally agreed with him. Besides the quality menu of steak and seafood, it has a beautiful night view with it's outdoor setting only dimly lighted with candles and decorative lights around its' pillars.

The Valley
Bistro Cafe & Resort Hotel

Beautiful Bandung city night scenery

Outside terrace romanticly decorated with dimly lighted lights

The lovey dovey couple

Zuppa Soup
Rating: 4/5
Recommended. The pastry is really fluffy and crispy, love it!

Mixed Grill & Tiger Prawns*
Rating: 4/5

Beef Ribs Mixed*
Rating: 3/5
*I forgot what's the name of these dishes. If you wanted to try out these dishes, try to look for its description.

Rating: 4/5
Really generous on the lemon.

Avocado Juice
Rating: 3/5
The texture is really thick, it's like drinking some melted ice-cream.

With the above, we ended up with approx RP600,000/ RM215. We thought that the price is reasonable for a 5 star restaurant. Great view, great ambience and great food! Most importantly, you must come here with your other half.

Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur 28,
Bandung Dago,
Tel: 022-2531052

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